Calories dont count on a Friday,,,, so im told.

A gift of lovely "Tarte & Berry" treats arrived at our door with this note.

It make the job a whole lot sweeter.

We'd like to say a Big Thank you back to you too ladies, is a pleasure working along side you.

Happy Weekend everyone.



22 June, 2018

Friday 15th June 2018 A right Royal Visitor.

She came, she saw, she tasted......the treats from Tarte & Berry of course.

We were so proud of our tenant Tarte & Berry alais Jane & Luck Batham when they told us they was having a visit from a well know hard workng royal.

A well deserved vist from Her Royal Princes Royal for two hard working Yorkshire lasses.


18 June, 2018



“Great start to the New Year!” is what I thought when the wife said it was time for me to lose a few those pounds id put on over the years. I had not noticed how sluggish I had become, but she had.

I made an appointment & went to the doctors for a check-up and was saddened to here that I was classed as obese, had high blood pressure, high cholesterol & on the verge of becoming diabetic. I really had to sort myself out.


I have been on many diets before, sort of, but I needed a little more help than the wife just starving me. This is when I turned to Andy & Dougie at the Workhouse Gym, based on our Springfield Mill site in Farsley.

The family run gym has been serving the local community for over 30 years after being launched in 1987. They relocated to their existing premise in 2016 & the same year won the converted “Gym of the year 2016”.

Workhouse Fitness offers state of the art equipment in an air conditioned open plan environment. The gym was custom built with two studio areas beautifully fitted changing rooms with built in lockers, separate private showers & sauna.



They designed a Weight Loss Plan which they thought would work the best for me, I hated it, but with encouragement from the Workhouse team I started to enjoy it, now, it is a routine that I follow every day, and love it.

I started at a weight of over 16 stone in January and as I watched the days disappear into weeks & into months I also watched the inches disappear too. Although it was challenging at times, the plan was simple and I began to see results right away, which kept me going and feeling motivated. Through their guidance I have achieved what I initially set out to do lose 2 stone I am now at a better weight of just under 14 stone.


I’d like to say a thank you to Andy, Dougie, Luke and Helen I really appreciate your advice and encouragement.

So if you want to shred a few pounds or just tone up, then why not pop down to the Workhouse were you always get a friendly welcome in a relaxing atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable training.

Go on give it go.

Contact [email protected]

Or Call 0113 236 1874

08 June, 2018


We have some Fantastic news Tarte & Berry are having a very special  visitor, Her Royal highness  Princess Anne.

She along with a number of VIPS be visiting the bakery and we are all invited to cheer her & her party in.

We have never had a Royal Visitor to site before, but we have been told the following.

  • The arrival time cannot be given, but if those who would like to come down please be in the “Garden Car Park” no later than 10.30am.
  • The cars of which we believe will be 6 in total will enter through gate number one off Bagley Lane. A police helicopter will also be flying overhead.
  • We have been asked that the entourage parks close to the unit they are visiting, so we will be coning an area off just outside Unit 23 on the gravel parking area.
  • The Royal party will look round the bakery and speak to Jane & Lucy owners of  Tarte & Berry.
  • On leaving the office she will meet those person who have been influential to Tarte & Berry success, of which Chris & I have been asked to attend.
  • The whole visit should last no more than an hour.


It would be great to see lots of you there, not just to see the Royal guest but also support Jane and Lucy.

After all its not every commercial community that gets a royal visitor.

Look Forward to seeing you all there.

08 June, 2018

Leodis Games is an online retailer of wargames and wargaming accessories.

We are delighted to anouce that have taken occupation of Unit 39(1) at Springfield Mill in Farsley.

They are an online retailer offering up to 20% off wargames including Malifaux, Guild Ball, Infinity, Army Painter and KR Cases

Neil Pritchard one of the co owners says

"It's taken two and a half years of hard work to get here but I am ecstatic to be able to say we final have store!"

"Our aim is to stand out from the rest of the market and we’re doing that by following a few simple strategies, We will tell you if your item is in stock, we'll communicate with you and if we make a mistake we'll admit, appologise and put it right"

So if your into gaming or just dont know where to start, pop in and see Neil & Simon.

Find them at 

Good luck to Neil & Simon 

Happy Gaming 


14 May, 2018