Wreath laying at Springfield Mill for fallen soldiers in the Great War
Gaunts Ltd, Springfield War Memorial

Armistice 100 Centenary 1918 - 2018


Today a wreath was layed to the 10 gallent and brave men who were killed during the conlict in the First World War.

We recently restored the war memorial in the memory of John Bostock MBE, who was managing director for over 40 years, and it seemed entirely appropriate to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War by remembering those who worked at Springfield Mill and lost their lives in that war.

We pay respect to the following heroic men

Charles Dockery age 30

Abraham Ellis - 24

Harold Enderby -  

Joseph Ormerod Hillings - 21

Sam Layfield - 25

Cyril Marvell - 

James Wm Raynor Moorhouse - 23

Harold Suddards - 22

Harry Wharton - 16

Wm Edward York - 24

RIP "We shall never forget"