The Barista moves to Springfield to accommodate growth

The following is a guest blog from The Barista:


The Barista is an innovative mobile coffee bar and event barista service provider, who has just switched to one of our larger properties to accommodate their unprecedented growth.

Sam from The Barista tells us more:

We set up shop at Hilltop Commercial Centre back in January 2013 and business has been booming ever since. In fact, we outgrew the unit we had before that too, so another move was always highly likely.

This time though, with the help of Gaunts Property and their brilliant portfolio of commercial premises, we’ve chosen a much bigger site which will accommodate our strategic growth plans for a fair while at least.

So, whilst our new home feels a little roomy at the moment, having space to breath is never a bad thing (especially when the aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air!).

Our new site at Springfield Commercial Centre will not only allow us to increase our service capacity and our team, but it will also allow us to invest in, and house, more equipment – all essential stuff for a business which is operating Europe wide.

Perhaps most importantly though, is that we now have enough space to roast and blend our own coffees, with the care and passion we think coffee deserves. No more cramped conditions means we can really enjoy this process – a process we all really love.

More space means better procedures, water-tight best practice, a happier staff environment and above all greater customer satisfaction. I’d say this was more than enough to outweigh the stress of moving day, wouldn’t you?

Having been a tenant of Gaunts for some time now, we are confident that our new home is going to be a happy one, as we continue to deliver delicious speciality coffee (and other hot beverages!) to trade shows and events in the UK and beyond.

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