The Learning Curve Leeds arrive at Springfield

The Learning Curve Leeds is a new business founded by Jenny Silvester, a local teacher. It offers private tuition for students from 6-18 and language classes for adults aged 18 and over.  Jenny, a successful teacher with 23 years’ experience decided this year to leave the relative safety and comfort of her classroom to start a new chapter in her life. Jenny, already very involved in village life in Farsley, says “I, like many local people, love to shop locally and use independent businesses and so why shouldn’t we be able to access private tuition and language classes on our doorstep?”   

Inspired by a desire to help younger pupils in the local community realise their full potential; and a long held ambition to share her love of learning a foreign language with adults, Jenny set up The Learning Curve Leeds.  “At The Learning Curve we have two key aims:

  • To help pupils to achieve through personalised learning and individual support
  • To share our love of learning foreign languages with adults in a fun and supportive atmosphere”

Every tutor at The Learning Curve is a qualified teacher and it aims to deliver the highest quality teaching in a safe, supportive and enjoyable environment close to home.  The Learning Curve Leeds is conveniently based at Springfield Commercial Centre in Farsley.

After an initial free assessment, pupils enroll at The Learning Curve and embark on a personalised learning plan devised by a qualified teacher.  Tuition takes place in a specially designed hub with up to date teaching materials and computer progranmes designed to deliver the highest standard of teaching in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere.  Tuition is on a small group basis of up to four pupils at a time combining the best of independent learning and individual tutoring. Jenny says “The aim is to help each child build confidence and improve ability which enables them to reach their full potential.”

This aim also applies to adult learners who want or need to learn a foreign language. “Over the years, many people have shared with me that they wish they could speak a foreign language despite having studied one at school.” Says Jenny. “I believe that everyone can learn a language and that it can be a positive and rewarding experience”. The Learning Curve offers a range courses to suit all abilities and needs in a friendly, fun and non-judgmental environment. 

For more information about the range of courses on offer visit or phone 0113 4572796.