Short Term Leases

We use the term "commercial community" to describe our tenants as we are genuinely interested in them and their business.

We can adapt to their needs during times of growth and change. It was through this practice that we foresaw the advantages to our prospective tenants of offering a short term lease.

Many of the Gaunts Community who started out as fledgling businesses felt that they were only able to commit initially to short term leases.

In many cases these tenants have now gone on to become successful enterprises and are still part of the Gaunts Community.

Flexible terms are available to help start up businesses and established businesses including an initial 24 week licence and leases for one year. Agreements are prepared in - house in order to give early occupation if required.

For more information about Gaunts' short term leases, please call us on 0113 236 5555 or email us at [email protected]