Happy 17th Birthday to Leeds Karate Academy

Wishing a Happy 17th Birthday to Leeds Karate Academy

Karate for everyone.

Leeds Karate Academy was formed in January 2001 by Nick Heald and Matt Price, both of whom are graded to 6th Dan.

Since 2001 it has established itself as one of the most successful clubs in the country & currently boasts over 250 members including 80+ Black Belts. 

The Academy is currently taking new members and if you have an interest in taking up Karate, improving yourself at another club or just in the keep fit aspect then why not contact us.

The club teaches all grades and just expects people to try the best that they can.

Interested contact :-

Farsley Hombu Dojo

Unit 25(1) Springfield Mill

Sensei Nick Heald

Email : [email protected]